Good Shout Media was founded in 2015 to help Classic Car companies get to grips with the digital world. Joe combines his lifetime of automotive enthusiasm with creative writing skills and a natural business flair to get results through high quality writing.

Joe has an eye for design and an entrepreneurial spirit. He is able to inject life into any team, spotting opportunities and creating marketing tag lines and catch phrases on the spot… For this reason one client has even given him the nickname Joe Boost!

Operating as a traditional marketing consultant, a part time employee or a freelance contractor as required, Joe can assist your business in a way that works for you – Good Shout Media offer the skills and creativity of a marketing agency without the large hourly rate!

  • Consultancy – What can we do better? How do we look better?
  • Branding and Design – How can we update our image?
  • Social Media – Stop posting boring content!
  • Writing and Blogging – How can we engage readers more often?
  • Car Sales Description Writing – How can we sell more cars?
  • Car Sales Support and 3rd Party Listing (Car & Classic, PistonHeads, eBay etc)
  • Marketing Support – What could we do better? What are we missing?
  • Product Wording and Category Navigation – For Classic Car Parts Retailers
  • General Website Copy and Content – Need an entire website writing? Leaflets?
  • Parts Inventory Cleaning – How have we got? Are they in the right categories? Could the photos be better? Are we selling them right?

Graduating from Falmouth University with a degree in English with Creative Writing (BA Hons), Joe could have got a First but was too busy starting and running businesses. During the final year of university Joe was working as Commercial Manager for Wavelength Surf Magazine and running the Student Surf Tour, the UK’s first inter-university surfing league. Wavelength Magazine fell victim to the decline in print and hadn’t adapted well to the world wide web, so Joe decided to jump ship before it sank. After surfing around the world, Joe settled back in the UK and applied his knowledge to the world of classic cars, (with small foray into high end audio equipment). Joe has owned more than 120 cars.

Joe with the Mercedes-Benz 300SL R107 SportLine… A car he knows very well indeed.

The SLSHOP and Good Shout Media

Joe has worked with The SL Shop for six years, helping them to become the automotive behemoth and industry leading brand that they now are. Working on a variety of projects, Joe has been involved with every part of the business, including the launch and development of the SportLine 300SL. Joe has an intimate knowledge of the Mercedes-Benz SL, and can often be found selling cars in the showroom providing holiday cover for the Sales Manager Bruce Greetham.

Wizard Sports & Classics and Good Shout Media

Offering sales and storage for classic cars in Cheshire, Wizard Sports & Classics are a young and vibrant company with a diverse stock offering. Joe got involved with Richard in 2020, and has become the resident writer. Tasks include car descriptions, uploading the sales cars to the website and 3rd party channels and of course blogging.

Joe loves blogging for Wizard Sports & Classics and thoroughly enjoys putting together the often cheeky articles.

Powerspark Ignition and Good Shout Media

For the last three years Joe has been assisting with the development of Powerspark Ignition, overseeing the build of a new eCommerce website. Joe also assists with the design of the show stand for classic car shows, and designs print advertisements…. and a whole lot more.

Berlinetta Auctions and Good Shout Media

Joe runs the Facebook page for Berlinetta Auctions, the online classic car auction house.

Classic & Sports Finance and Good Shout Media

Occasionally, Joe contributes to the Classic & Sports Finance blog. One significant project that has to be mentioned is the ‘Future of the Industry‘ series of articles, which focused on the uncertain future of the motorcar. Joe also designed and coordinated this article on Classic Car Equity Release

A brief CV… in photo form!
A day in the life of Good Shout Media, chasing Pete Seabrook in two identical Mercedes-Benz R107 SLs
With Harry Metcalfe at The SLSHOP. Powerspark Ignition supplied an electronic ignition kit for Harry’s Rolls Royce after this meeting!
Driving a Mercedes-Benz Pagoda on a freezing December morning for an SLSHOP video shoot
Enjoying some time at the wheel in the £300 Volvo… Chewing on a pipe, of course. Who is Geoff Thompson?
The Good Shout Volvo 850, bought for £300 and featured in Practical Classics Magazine, parked outside Powerspark Ignition
The time Good Shout Media bought a Mercedes CL500 from William Hunt (of Saville Row) and took it canoeing
The old Good Shout Media BMW E36 M3. Where is it now?
Our BMW E30 outside Bentley Birmingham after the Audio Affair and LINN Audio customer evening, which Joe hosted
After leaving Cornwall and Wavelength Magazine and before the classic car work started…
Driving a Toyota Hi Lux in Nicaragua
Joe after leaving Wavelength, getting some waves of his own in France
Joe during the final year of university, test driving the Vauxhall Maloo for Wavelength Magazine
Running surfing competitions whilst working at Wavelength Magazine and completing a degree in English
Where it all began… The founding of the Student Surf Tour with Bryn, James, Ben, Harriet et al back at Falmouth University

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