Audi TT Review

This review was originally written for Wavelength Surf Magazine, January 2013:


Being such a huge fan of my everyday Mondeo TDCI Estate, my prediction was that after 10 days I’d hate the TT. I thought the size of it would annoy me, that not being able to get a surfboard in (or on) it would wind me up, and that I’d find the fuel economy tiresome and expensive. It would be too low, too harsh, too flashy.

I was completely wrong. Surfing hasn’t been an issue. In the whole time I’ve had the TT, there has only been one day worth getting wet for – I spent that day strapped to a computer in the office working to a deadline, after which I had to drive straight to Shepton Mallet to work at Relentless NASS festival. No time for an after work surf! I haven’t even thought about putting my board in the car, it’s been onshore and raining for weeks. If this were my long term vehicle, I’d invest in a set of locking roof racks which are available direct from Audi.

Surfing aside, the size of the car hasn’t bothered me. The TT is like a favourite jumper at the end of a long day. You sit low, the seats hug you, it’s a friendly car. The gear changes are incredible, solid, and yet sensual, it’s got a slight roar but nothing raucous. Being Four Wheel Drive, it sticks to the road like you wouldn’t believe (although Koaster suspects the owner of this TT went for cheap tyres…) and is just as happy at the redline as it is cruising at granddad speeds, which makes it a very pleasant car to live with. Although it sits low, if you’re careful it won’t ground out on speed bumps.

On the motorway, it’ll cruise at 44mpg, coming down to around 32mpg on the commute to work in the South West. Sure, if you can’t resist playing with the fun pedal, the figures will drop, but you can’t drive flat out everywhere.



Not many, but the temperature and air flow controls are ridiculous, style over function. Too many clicks for not enough action! That and it needs cruise control, it’d make motorway driving more economical.


What I’ll miss most, (aside from the excellent build quality) is the ‘pinned in your seat quick shift dash’ through 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and the ability to overtake anyone, anywhere. Most of all I’ll miss the sense of occasion. The TT is a great car to see in a car park! Anyone who calls this car a ‘hairdressers car’ clearly hasn’t driven the 225bhp version, it really is well worth considering as a second hand buy.



The TT is a car I would buy, no question. The build quality, size, acceleration, comfort and style are all spot on. You can’t find much more out there for the same money in the second hand market. Although after two weeks, I have to admit I wanted a little more poke. Not much, but just a little more oomph. If it was my money, it’d have to be the 3.2 V6 – with cruise control!

One final confession – despite the weather, mine would be a roadster. The ability to drop the roof at any given moment is just too much to resist!

Useful Facts and Figures:

Engine Size: 1.8 Petrol (Turbo)
Power: 225bhp
Real World Economy: 34mpg


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