Private Numberplates – What’s the fuss?

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Private Number plates: What’s the fuss?

A private number plate adds individuality and creativity to a part of the car that is compulsory by law.

Why personalise a number plate?

There are many reasons why an enthusiast would want to personalise a number plate. After working on a car for many years, an owner may want to add that finishing touch – after all, if it’s a vehicle that’s going to be kept for some time, it makes sense.

Other buyers see number plates as an investment, whilst others simply want to associate their number plate with their car, such as having MG or BMW somewhere in the digits.

One of the marques most well known for featuring private number plates is Morgan. You can almost guarantee that when a Morgan cruises past you, it’ll be wearing a MOG plate!

Businesses often purchase private number plates to give their fleet consecutive numbers, or as another branding expertise as part of their marketing.

A large proportion of classic car (or nearly classic car) owners will personalise their number plates to hide a cars age. “It’s a 15 year old car” said Graham about his Mazda MX5 “But with my dateless plate no one knows. It’s always polished and looks brand new, so why should the plate give the game away?”

This anti-aging process can also be applied the other way around, as it has for Colin:
“I love the older cars but my Mini is a 1993 model, it has a few subtle touches to make it look older, including an older number plate. I’d never try to sell it as an old car, but to the casual onlooker it appears to be a vintage classic…. But I know the secret!”

How do I apply a private number plate to my vehicle?

There are many online retailers of private number plates. The process is very simple, once you’ve chosen your perfect plate simply follow the procedures on the website.

With a good number plate retailer such as, the process will be handled and you’ll be kept informed every step of the way. Once your certificate has arrived, you’ll need to return your V5C and tax disc to SpeedyReg, who will then handle the rest of the process for you.
When you purchase the number plate, you’ll be asked whether you want to have the actual plates provided, or you can choose to go and purchase them elsewhere.

How much do private number plates cost?

As much as you want to spend! Dateless plates can be bought as low as £50. Some of the most expensive private number plates have sold for upwards of £250,000!

Is there a transfer fee for the service?

Yes, the DVLA charge a standard transfer fee of £80 for the process.

What happens to my old number plate?

Unless you choose to keep the plate on retention (£105), the DVLA will simply reclaim it back.

How long does it take?

With a good provider, the whole service should take around 10 working days.

What are the age restrictions for dated number plates?

DVLA registrations are dated registrations and therefore can only be transferred onto an age related vehicle. You can make your vehicle look older but you cannot make it appear younger:
Eg DO57 COW would not be able to be transferred onto a 1997 vehicle.

However if your vehicle was first registered in April 2008, then there would be no problem in transferring J17 XNE onto your vehicle, as it will make your vehicle look older – which is allowed.


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