Auto Finesse Caddy

Our star cars of the #ClassicMotorShow #3: Auto Finesse Volkswagen Caddy

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is the biggest event in the UK Classic Car calendar. Good Shout Media popped along to the NEC to pick out some of the cars that WE liked at this years show; not because they’re expensive, or historically significant, or rare… just because we think they’re pretty darn cool…

#3 – The Auto Finesse Volkswagen Caddy

At Good Shout Media we have a real soft spot for a pick up truck.

We can’t stop going on about the Vauxhall Maloo road test, and our car ‘CV’ includes 3 Caddys, a 1.6, 1.8 GTI and a 2.0 Seat engined beast… We don’t do diesels when it comes to trucks.

The Auto Finesse Caddy was one of the first cars we saw when entering the NEC Classic Motor Show, and boy is it a looker.

Auto Finesse clearly know what’s what when it comes to marketing. Considering the size of their stand, they’d done a great job of making it look fantastic. The rustic boxes and well place truck (with music playing) were exactly what it took to draw the crowds.

We really have to take our hat off to these guys for making the most of what was essentially a single car display with a bit of retail space… Top work, and an inspiration to others!

When it comes to a promotional vehicle, Auto Finesse have the whole thing down.

When it comes to a promotional vehicle, Auto Finesse have the whole thing down.

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