Miniature Motoring: Ford Escort Cosworth

You’re never too old for diecast cars. You can call them toys, or models, or collectibles, or a hobby, but either way – we still think they’re awesome. We always sneak a cheeky look at the Hotwheels or Matchbox cars in supermarkets or whilst out and about, and have a particular preference for anything Porsche. Here’s a few we’ve rounded up so far:

Matchbox Ford Escort Cosworth

Matchbox Ford Escort RS Cosworth Union Jack 2

Eurgh, that paint scheme is hideous… The Escort Cosworth has never been a popular one for ‘proper’ models, and the ones that do look half decent are always let down by the spoiler. No one seems to be able to get it right, adding a plastic stick on item instead of a properly moulded unit like on some of the Porsches we’ve seen. Design wise, this Matchbox diecast isn’t bad, the shape is right, but it’s let down by the colour scheme, the tinted windows and that spoiler. If they’d just done it all one body colour, Mallard green maybe?? If anyone knows of a one-colour Matchbox Cosworth, or any half-decent 1/64 scale Cosworth then we’d be interested to hear from you.

1 thought on “Miniature Motoring: Ford Escort Cosworth

  1. Jeremy Jenkins

    I have a 1/64 Matchbox Escort Cosworth still in the package. Red with yellow on the doors. Call if you are interested. Jeremy Jenkins 352-227-0764



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