Ford just out-cooled everyone

The Ford GT is back… And it’s off the scale.

Powered by a 3.5l V6 engine, the 600bhp supercar will be on the tarmac near you in 2016, a fitting celebration of the 50 year point since the original GT40 crushed Ferrari at Le Mans.

The carbonfibre monster will use Ford’s latest twin-turbocharged Ecoboost unit, mounted in the middle and powering the rear wheels.

Visually, the car echoes many if the styling clues which adorned the 1960s shape, although this is a very modern supercar. Digital everything and intelligent aerodynamics ensure this Ford will be one hell of a machine.

Stylistically it’s like Ford have taken the very best bits of the most exotic cars available today yet still retained that wonderful retro feel… After all, the original GT40 was quite the looker. Maybe hold off on ordering your Lamberarri for now…

Expect prices nudging the £200k mark and yours can be ready sometime in Q3/4 of 2016.

Well done, Ford, Well done.








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