Escort RS Cosworth Price Watch

The Escort RS Cosworth first appeared on UK streets back in 1992, and remained in production for four years, with Ford finally pulling the plug in 1996.

The ‘Cossie left a lasting impression with many young men, and being one of those myself (writes Joe), it’s always been right at the top of my ‘Must Have’ shopping list of cars.

Over the years, we’ve seen the values drop to near 4 figures, but in 2013-14 values seem to have been rising steadily, so we put this blog together to track the rise and rise of Cosworth values.

With classic car values increasing across the board, Good Shout Media predict that we’ll be seeing the £100,000 Escort RS Cosworth at an auction near you in the not too distant future…

We’ll update this blog as and when we spot Escort RS Cosworths prices creeping up in the private market, as well as at notable auctions, or at the intervals listed below.

(Note – eBay listings are for Classified or Buy It Now listings only)


1st February 2015

Cheapest eBay: 1994 Escort RS Cosworth 4×4 / 72,000 miles / £19,900

Escort RS Cosworth

Cheapest Auto Trader: 1996 Escort RS Cosworth Lux / 110,000 miles / £17,800
 Escort RS Cosworth Values

Most expensive eBay: 1992 Escort RS Cosworth / 8,000 miles / £49,950

Escort RS Cosworth

Most expensive Auto Trader: 1996 Escort RS Cosworth Lux / 25,424 miles / £39,950

Escort RS Cosworth


1st October 2016

Cheapest eBay: 1996 FORD ESCORT RS COSWORTH BLACK / 7 Owners, Mileage Not Listed / £18,995






Cheapest Auto Trader: Ford Escort 2.0 RS Cosworth Lux 3dr / 114,000 miles /  £24,989






Most Expensive eBay: Ford Escort RS COSWORTH LUXURY / 34,000 miles / £49,994





Most Expensive Auto Trader: Ford Escort 2.0 RS Cosworth Lux 4×4 3dr / 16,243 miles / £50,000








21st October 2018

Long time since we posted on this page but prices have been climbing at quite a rate. This one is £91k and even at that price they can’t afford proper lighting for the photos


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