5 Things you didn’t know about: The Escort Cosworth Monte Carlo

1. Built to commemorate Ford’s success in the 1993-1994 Monte Carlo rallies, the Escort RS Cosworth Monte Carlo was a limited edition run of just 200 cars worldwide.

2. The Monte Carlo came in 3 colours: Ash Black, Mallard Green, Jewel Violet

3. Unconfirmed reports suggest that just 10 of the 70 UK models were painted Jewel Violet, one of which has been written off – the 9 remaining cars really are the jewel of the Cosworth crown.

4. To crunch the maths, 7145 Cosworths were made between 1992 and 1996, meaning that just 2.8% of these were Monte Carlos. If 10 of these were painted Jewel Violet, then that’s just 0.14% of the total production run!

5. Because the Monte Carlo was an early car, they didn’t come with leather as standard, so the most desirable Ford Escort RS Cosworth actually comes with the slightly more naff cloth seats. They’re Recaro, at least, but hey, can’t have it all.

TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-18    TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-1 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-6 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-4 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-3 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-1 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-5 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-6 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-8 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-9 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-11 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-13 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-14 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-15 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-16 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-17 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-19 TC-Harrison-Escord-Cosworth-Goodshoutmedia-20

3 thoughts on “5 Things you didn’t know about: The Escort Cosworth Monte Carlo

  1. Brian

    I have a jewel violet Monte, registered 28/2/1995
    I am led to believe it is the last ever Monte to be registered. Does anyone have one registered after that date?



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