Fixing the Mazda MX5: with Gorilla Glue

I’ve been having a problem with the Mazda, and it’s one of those problems that you never get around to fixing.

It’s not a big deal, which is why it’s been ignored for so long, but here you have it…

Every time I close the boot, my indicator light falls out of it’s housing. There’s probably a good reason for this, but as far as I can tell, it’s a case of bent plastic and too much use so it was time to fix it the real man way – glue the fucker back in place.


Here you can see Offender Numero Uno… The indicator light dangles down from it’s housing.


In the close up, you can see the theory behind my idea… The plastic clips were all bent from it constantly being pushed back in the boot lid, and I couldn’t really be bothered to go shopping around online for a proper housing, so opted for a cheap, quick fix.


Gorilla Glue comes in all shapes and sizes, and for this job, I opted for the standard ‘Super Glue’. It retails around £5 for two tubes, and is available widely. I picked this up at Halfords. Right, now time to see if it really is ‘strong like gorilla’.


Here’s the method and the madness… Cover the metal housing with a whole bunch of Gorilla juice and hope for the best. I followed the instructions, and sure enough in about 30 seconds I had what felt like a solid fix on the indicator light, and had managed to do DIY all by myself without gluing myself to the car.


Feeling very proud of the job I’d just completed, considering it was a 3 minute bodge job.

You can’t tell from the photos but all of my fingers were glued together like that and typing has become virtually impossible…


And finally, the same shot from earlier, but with the indicator light safely glued in place!

The real challenge comes now, with icy mornings and balmy summer afternoons, it’ll be interesting to see how long the Gorilla glue maintains it’s stickiness and does it’s job holding the indicators in place.

It’ll be equally interesting if the bulb inside the light fails and I have to pull the whole thing off with a crowbar.

Overall, 5 Stars for Gorilla Glue ‘Super Glue’, I’ll be using that again!

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