The eternal battle of the hair dressers car

Is the Mazda MX5 a hair dressers car? Is the Mercedes SLK a hair dressers car? Is the BMW Z4 a hair dressers car? What about the Audi TT, is that hair dressers car?

I only know one hair dresser who’s really into cars, and he drives a Porsche 911. So technically, that IS a hair dressers car, because it’s actually owned by a hair dresser…

But where did this stupid idea come from? Urban Dictionary suggests:

Hair Dressers Car – A small ‘sports car’, featuring an underpowered engine. Predominantly owned by girls & ‘metro’ boys. Has more show than go.

So we’re getting somewhere with the definition, but why the Z4, TT, MX5 and SLK are still getting labelled like this is staggering. Have you seen the Vauxhall Adam? 16 inch wheels, low suspension and a gutless little motor? What about all these ‘Special Edition Vauxhall Corsas that are rolling on 17 inch wheels, wider arches and sports springs yet still badged as a 1.2?

If the MX5, a rear-engined, perfectly balanced sports car that can hit 140mph with the roof down is going to get more stick than a sheep-in-wolfs-clothing-can’t-outrun-your-nan-in-her-1.6-Honda-Jazz then something has to change in the way the general public colloquialise car categorisation… more on this coming up!

Two hair dressers cars

Two hair dressers cars

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