Stuff we want #3 – Range Rover Vogue

Dig out your Hunter wellies and a barbour coat, throw the Haws Watering can in the back and head out for some fun in the garden/acres of land that you own/your estate.

Yup, this Range Rover fits the bill in many ways.

The stereotype of a Range Rover owner has changed over the years. From the traditional farmer, through the Yuppie ’80s stock broker, through the wealthy land owner, the footballer, and now the classic car collector, it’s hard to define exactly what the appeal is of a Range Rover.

Perhaps it’s the versatility, the luxury, or the square lines? Or the V8 engines, the capable four-wheel-drive systems, or just the fact that it’s British?

Either way, you can keep your Range Rover Sport, we’ll have this one.

What it is: A 1992 Range Rover Vogue

Where you can get it: Hagley Specialist Cars

What it’ll cost you: No price released yet

range roverDSC_0096 DSC_0095 DSC_0097

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