Chevrolet Spark Review

Written for and hosted by Imperial Car Supermarkets:–Guest-Car-Review-by-Joe-from-Good-Shout-Media

Chevrolet Spark – Guest Car Review by Joe from Good Shout Media

Two Wheel Drive
1,206cc Engine Size
56.50mpg (combined)
Tax £30 per year (Band C)

Spark Final

The Chevrolet Spark isn’t a car that would usually be on my radar. I’ve got a penchant for anything classic or convertible and the Spark isn’t either of those things… But landing at the airport in Iceland and being given the keys to a bright red Chevrolet Spark changed everything.

Chevrolet Sparks in Iceland

Iceland is an amazing country. It has volcanoes, and beaches, and mountains, and great long flat roads and do you know what? Our Chevrolet Spark handled it all wonderfully. During our stay we travelled hundreds of miles looking for geysers and waterfalls and hot springs and great views, and I didn’t once get bored of the little Spark.

Two huge Chevrolets and one tiny volcano

The 1.2 engine is plenty nippy enough for popping around town, yet didn’t feel lacking when out on the open road. We had two Chevrolet Sparks between our group of seven people; and being hire cars, both were pushed to the limit!

Plenty of load space out in the wilds

We drove the little cars up mountains, across beaches, on road, off road… You name it and we attempted it in the Chevrolet Spark. In a week of abuse from excited Iceland explorers, not a single thing broke on either of the cars. No one complained about being uncomfortable, and the stereo and bluetooth capability made life easy.

Two huge Chevrolets and one tiny volcano

Now that I’m back in England, would I buy a used Chevrolet Spark?

Absolutely! These tiny little cars are the perfect city transport, they’re fun to drive, cheap to run and great to look at.

Imperial Car Supermarkets always have a range of used Chevrolet Sparks to choose from, starting from as little as £5150…

Although a used Chevrolet Spark from Imperial Car Supermarkets won’t come with volcanic ash and amazing views as standard, you’ll have to add those yourself.

The Chevrolet Spark in a very volcanic landscape

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