Wadebridge Wheels 2015: Our ‘Car Of The Show’

Wadebridge Wheels started off grey and wet, and slowly turned into an absolute cracker of a show. The North Cornwall event, hosted at the Royal Cornwall Showgrounds drew hoards of classic cars from around the region and further afield for the one day classic car show.

Having spent the day browsing the metal on display, we had to choose our ‘Car Of The Show’

Whether it was the colour, or the condition of the car, or a combination of factors, we just had to go with this immaculate Ford Escort RS Cosworth. With just 33,000 miles on the clock, this has to be one of the best RS Cosworths in the country!

We’ve blogged about Escort Cosworths on numerous occasions, and it’s no secret that it’s a car very near the top of the Good Shout Media ‘Must Own’ list.

The Good Shout Media Car Of Show: Wadebridge Wheels 2015

John’s Ford Escort RS Cosworth

2015-07-19 09.59.00 2015-07-19 09.58.52 2015-07-19 11.34.05 2015-07-19 11.33.34 2015-07-19 11.37.30 2015-07-19 11.37.41

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