Wadebridge Wheels 2015: Summary and Photo Gallery

Our journey to Wadebridge Wheels 2015 started under grey skies, falling rain and frantically sweeping window wipers. Fearing the worst, we’d packed our wet-weather gear in the boot of the 1986 Porsche 924! The forecast wasn’t good, but the queue of cars waiting to get in to the Royal Cornwall Showground was building, proving classic car fans won’t be put off by a bit of drizzle.

By the time we’d parked the car neatly on the Porsche Club GB stand, finished the first round of bacon sarnies and had a coffee, the rain had stopped and we returned to the Porsche to ditch the waterproof overcoats.

As the sun crept through, more and more cars arrived, making this event a real spectacle for classic car fans.

If you haven’t been to Wadebridge Wheels before, and are in the area, you really should check it out. It’s well worth the trip.

The well attended event showcases a huge variety of vehicles, so we got snap-happy with the camera and here’s some of the highlights from our visit:


Renault in the weeds


Dukes of hazard style Vauxhall….? Hmmm, we like it.


The Subaru Brat, yes please.


The awkward moment when the Subaru club realised they all had the same idea


A man in a yellow hat watches a man in a yellow jumper clean a red car


E30 estate. What’s not to like? Find one without rot and a stupid price and we’ll have it.


Beautiful 356 in great colour combination


Many soft tops braved the rain, and it paid off!


The Good Shout Media transport of choice, the Porsche 924, sitting proudly on the Porsche Club GB stand


Hmmm, this looks familiar… Apparently there’s two white, slammed Merc’s of this style knocking around

2015-07-19 09.59.00

Our car of the show, this wonderfully preserved Ford Escort RS Cosworth

There’s more photos on this Escort RS Cosworth – we chose it as our ‘Car Of The Day’ – click here to read the blog


Hugely underrated. What a looker! Late model NSX was nice to see


Could this be one of the most valuable cars on site? We’d be keen to hear your thoughts on this one…


We have to say, we really, really hate Land Rovers. But when they’re knocking out the best flat whites for miles, it’s worthy of a photo! If you see these guys at a show, go say hi, and buy some coffee. We kept going back for more.


Very smart looking, low mileage XJS looked a handsome bargain


Turns out you CAN make an MG look ‘badass’ (As Richard Rawlings would say)


It looks cute, but it’s hiding a dirty V8 and it sounds incredible


Two camper vans, one is big enough to sleep in and you can probably afford it, the other one probably isn’t big enough to sleep in and you can’t afford it. The classic car world is a strange thing.


We got very excited about this Caddy.


Z3M sir? That’ll cost you. Values on these are solid. They look fantastic. The Z3 has aged very well indeed.


Not a single pin stripe shirt in sight. Shame, really.


One gentleman’s attempt to hide his Alfa Romeo behind a tree


Audi 80… Yup, we’re trawling eBay right now


Funny how few of these are on the road now… Remember the time when a Polo Breadvan was £300 with full MOT? Yup, those days are long gone


Got patina?


Beautiful Austin Healey, special edition tribute to Le Mans


This thing looks like it’s going 100mph just sat there…


And it came very, very close to taking our ‘Car Of The Show’ title


A man sitting in a car talks to a man standing by a car about cars


A man standing in front of a car talks to a man driving a car while a man sits in a car behind the man standing in front of the other car


A man points at a car while the driver threatens to run the man over


Can you spot the car we bought two days before the show for less money than Porsche Club GB charge for a years membership and a t shirt?


Both of these cars look like many sorts of fun


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