Wadebridge Wheels 2015: What’s hot and what’s not

We love car shows. You turn up, oggle sexy cars, learn a bit more about what you like and what you don’t like, and go home!

Here’s our brief ‘What’s Hot and What’s Not’ summary of the Wadebridge Wheels 2015 Classic Car Show:


It’s a Volvo saloon. It’s got whitewalls. What’s not to like about that?!

GoodShoutMedia-WadebridgeWheels-277 copy

It’s a roaring V8. It’s subtle. It’s affordable. It’s outrageous.

GoodShoutMedia-WadebridgeWheels-277 copy2

It’s an early Capri, which is the only one you’re allowed to have… According to us, that is



It’s a Rover. It’s got pearlescent paint. It’s got a sign in the window saying ‘Open to offers’. We considered making a cash offer, but bought two flat whites from our friend in the Land Rover Coffee Van instead.

GoodShoutMedia-WadebridgeWheels-277 copy3

We love an Escort Cosworth, that’s no secret… But those wheels?? Come on, please, show some respect, it’s not 1995 anymore.

GoodShoutMedia-WadebridgeWheels-277 copycossie

One Subaru is fine. Two is ok. Three is too many. Especially if they’re all the same colour. Sorry, Scooby fans, we know they’re fast, and 4×4, and they handle well, but at Good Shout Media we think they’re just a bit ‘meh’.

GoodShoutMedia-WadebridgeWheels-277 copyscooobs

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