A little winter fun…

We’ve just picked up a 4×4 Subaru Impreza GL. It’s not a Turbo, but at some point in it’s life it’s been hit with the Colin Mcrae stick and in dark blue and gold, looks fantastic!

The 2.0 naturally aspirated engine is in fact very good, and with that 4×4 road handling, the Imprezas lower in the model range aren’t to be sniffed at. There’s some dogs out there, but ours seems to have been fairly well looked after.

Yours for less than a grand, but until it sells, we’ll be hooning around as many gravel tracks as we can find.

You can buy our Subaru Impreza by clicking here

Subaru Impreza 1

Subaru Impreza 9  Subaru Impreza 11 Subaru Impreza 10Subaru Impreza 12 Subaru Impreza 13

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