The Iconic Volvo 740 Turbo ads

When Volvo launched the 740 Turbo, it went against the existing brand image. Volvo were known for making safe, dependable but dull, boxy saloons and estates. The Turbo version of the 740 marked a new direction for Volvo.

The Volvo 740 Turbo was the first in a long line of quick cars from the Swedish manufacturer. The 740 Turbo was followed by a 940 Turbo, and later the T5 line was launched with the 850 T5 and then T5R.

The success of the Volvo R Series is partly down to the clever marketing behind the 740 Turbo… and here it is:

goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_1 goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_2 goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_3 goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_4 goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_5 goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_6 goodshoutmedia_volvo_740_turbo_advert_7

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