Dream cars that are actually a total nightmare

We all have that one dream car. It’s the vehicle that was plastered across our bedroom walls when we were younger. In our twenties, we might have started to save up for it, but we were sidetracked. Having children and other expenses tend to get in the way of going after the dream machines… For us, it was always the Ford Escort RS Cosworth, an iconic Fast Ford and the dream car for a generation of petrolheads.


For those of you who never quite managed to save up the pennies, we have good news. Those cars that you desperately desired? They were probably nightmares on wheels, and we’re about to show you why.

High Insurance Costs

This always happens. You save up the money to buy your dream car. You finally reach your target and head down to your nearest dealer to pick it up. It’s just as beautiful as you imagined. It handles perfectly, and you feel like a winner driving it around. Then, you start to look into the insurance and find in ten years; it will have cost as much as the car!

What wonderful machine is guilty of this minor flaw?

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes-Benz? The AMG range of Mercedes-Benz cars are high performance machines, some of which are capable of phenomenal performance thanks to their large displacement supercharged engines. For this reason, a high performance Benz really is a dream car. In a recent survey, the popular Mercedes-Benz CLS was found to be one of the most expensive to insure on the market…! That might put a dark cloud over your supercar daydream…


More time behind the wheel… or on the hard shoulder

There are plenty of reliable cars on the market, but for some of us, reliable means boring! Sure, it might break down on every second journey, have a temperamental V12 and the electronics might have a mind of their own, but that’s all part and parcel of owning a hand made, hand crafter supercar. After all, if you want reliability, go and buy a Vauxhall Astra. Yawn.

However, it’s not just the extreme exotic cars that are known for poor reliability. Porsche’s stellar reliability record has taken a beating with the last few incarnations of the 911, scoring a 39% failure rate in a recent reliability survey. That’s quite high and slots quite low down in the list of reliable cars. You’ll be taking your Porsche to a car servicing garage at least once a year, by the sound of it – might be easier to go for the one below, instead… Much cheaper to maintain!


Darling, the fuel light is on… Again

If you’ve saved the money for your dream car then the price of petrol might not be something that bothers you, but with the latest raft of hybrid cars getting faster and more performance oriented, will more enthusiastic drivers be lusting after hybrids in years to come? Well, most petrolheads don’t daydream about hybrids as their dream cars, but with the BMW i8 and Porsche’s rumoured hybrid beast coming in a year or so, all that could be about to change.


When it comes to fuel efficiency, a general rule of thumb is ‘more fun, more fuel’. That’s certainly true for two of the most exotic cars available… The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster and the Ferrari F12. These supercars might be fun on the race track, but try to use your Italian exotica to pop to the shops and you’ll soon be emptying your wallet… Single-figure MPG, maintenance costs, tyres… It all adds up,  plus, you’ll have to deal with crowds of snap-happy people wanting to take selfies with your ride, and who’s got time for that?

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