Don’t Forget These Essentials When You Are Selling Your Car…

Are you considering selling your car? Then make sure you don’t forget to do these essential things that will ensure you a quick and profitable sale. Read on to find out what they are.


First things first, no matter how many miles your motor has on the clock, if it stinks and is full of old McDonald’s wrappers no one is going to buy the thing! Put yourself in their position. If the car is a mess inside then, it’s likely that it hasn’t been well looked after or carefully driven. So it has the potential to have a lot of things wrong with it. That is why a clean, tidy and pleasant smelling interior is essential to a quick and profitable sale!


Give the car a rinse…

Clear out any and all rubbish. Yes, everything! Then pull out the mats and shake them off. Use a pressure washer on them, if they are filthy.

Then check over the upholstery for marks or tears. Pay particular attention to holds in the ceiling of the vehicle. Lastly, spray with a freshening product like Febreze to make sure that it smells as good as it looks. Or you could even get some of that new car smell spray!

Body Work

Of course, the potential buyer isn’t going to look inside the car straight away. They will want to take a peek at the outside first. That means that the body work needs to be in the best condition possible.

Get any dents beaten out before the viewing. Treat small scratches with kits like this one you can purchase on the internet. Clean the car yourself or take it to a hand carwash and have it professionally cleaned and waxed. Remember first impressions count for so much when selling your vehicle!

Number Plate

Also, when you are cleaning the outside of the car. Don’t forget to check that the license plate is clean and in good condition. If you are selling with a personalized plate, then you can find out how much your number plate is worth online. This just adds another selling point for you to mention to your potential buyer. Remember to emphasize that even if they don’t keep the plate, they could sell it on for profit that would help to go towards paying for the car.



Of course, cars with recent full MOTs are likely to sell much better. If you car didn’t pass the MOT or it was a long time ago, it puts the buyer in a much stronger position to be able to negotiate you down on the price. You will have to decide whether it’s a better deal to get the MOT done and passed or take a hit on the original asking price of the car.

In addition, you need to be careful with the asking price. It’s essential that you pick the right price point to advertise your car at. Too high and it won’t bring in viewers. Too low and you will have no room to negotiate and still make a good profit for yourself.

One careful owner, short MOT…



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