Awesome Gifts For The Motorcyclist In Your Life

If you’ve got a close friend or relative who lives and breathes motorcycles, and you don’t ride yourself, then choosing a gift for them can be a pretty difficult task. A lot of people will spend an hour or two sifting through sprockets, cooling fins and chains, then finally give up and buy them something less personal and thoughtful. If you’re getting to your wits’ end, then here’s some great gift ideas for the biker in your life.

First of all, a GoPro or another point-of-view camera. Over recent years, these devices have exploded in popularity, and people all over the world have begun using them to create awesome point-of-view videos. There are countless attachments and accessories you can use to mount one of these handy cameras almost anywhere, and share your ride intimately with your friends and family. As you’re probably aware, GoPro cameras dominate the market, and for good reason. The high-performance image sensors in GoPros have been developed specifically for the ever-changing colours and lighting conditions you get when filming outside. It shoots in full 1080p HD video at great frame rates, and the stills you can cut out of videos are of excellent quality. If the biker in your life loves telling you all about the rides they’ve been on, then they’ll certainly appreciate this!


If you’ve been friends with your motorcyclist for long enough, then you will have probably heard at least one story about them getting a flat in the pouring rain, and the hassle they had to go through to get it changed. Flats suck, and nothing will ruin a biker’s day quite like getting one at the wrong time and place. Fortunately, there’s now a great way around it. Consider getting the biker in your life a mini air compressor, like the popular models by Stop and Go. These weigh next to nothing, and can be easily carried around on a motorcycle or ATV. They’ll come with all the cords and adapters you could need, along with a handy carrying case. Even if your biker only uses it in their garage, this can be an incredibly useful tool to have.


Finally, a new helmet. The person you’re buying for has probably heard it a million times, but motorcycles are dangerous. Compared to the injuries and fatalities from automobile accidents, motorcycles pose a much greater danger to the person driving them. The brain is the most complex and fragile organ in the human body too, making the helmet the most important part of a biker’s protective gear. There are also all kinds of designs as well, so this is an incredibly versatile gift idea. Visit a brand site like Scorpion helmets, and you’ll find all kinds of types and designs to choose from. Just make sure you know what you’re shopping for before you buy anything. Your friend will look a little silly riding a cruiser and wearing a dirt bike helmet.

If you were feeling a little lost for gift ideas for the biker in your life, I hope this post was a big help!



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