Mercedes-Benz E Class… King of the Golf Course

Which would you choose? W124 or W210?

We’ve owned both – A W124 E220 2.2 litre, and a W210 E55 AMG 5.5 litre V8. But what’s the difference?

One of these cars was built properly in 1995, did 92,000 miles and didn’t rust away at all…

The other was built poorly in 1999 and by 2015 was showing 118,000 miles and rust or rot on every single panel.

One of these cars feels solid, dependable, reliable and like it’ll run forever.

The other feels like something else is going to break every time you drive it.

One of these cars feels regal, refined and well planted.

The other feels like a bat out of hell when you unleash the potential of the 5.5 V8 monster under the bonnet.

Horses for courses. Golf courses, in fact.

goodshoutmedia-mercedes-w124-e220_0008_layer-4 2015-11-11-11-53-36

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