7 Reasons Why A Skoda Octavia Is A Great Buy

Once upon a time, Skoda was a car brand that most Brits turned their noses up at. Today, it is a growing and popular marque owned by Volkswagen. Since VW bought it in 2000, Skoda became a brand synonymous with prestigious motoring.


Without a doubt, the Czech brand’s flagship model is the Octavia. Available in saloon and estate formats, the car is a familiar sight on the streets of Britain these days. If you’re not convinced that you should buy one for your next car, these reasons might change your mind!



  1. It’s a refreshing alternative to the Audi A4

If you need a car for business use, your first thought might be to opt for an Audi A4. After all; why wouldn’t you want one? They are reliable motorway mile munchers. The thing is, the Skoda Octavia offers similar performance, fuel economy, and features. Perhaps the biggest difference is the price: the Octavia is significantly cheaper!

  1. You can still enjoy superior build quality

The last thing anyone wants when they buy a car is to have it constantly fall apart on them! Look beneath the surface of the Skoda Octavia, and you’ll notice most parts have VW branding on them. Indeed, the Skoda Octavia’s design is also based on a Volkswagen engineering platform.

  1. Depreciation doesn’t bite with a vengeance

I know what you’re thinking: the new Skoda Octavia won’t hold its value in the future. It might shock you to learn that the opposite is true! Even the first-generation models built in the late 90s have kept their value well. If you’re planning to buy a fully-featured saloon that is worth something in a few years, this car is for you!

  1. Fuel frugality or high-performance motoring: the choice is yours!

There are several engine options available for the Skoda Octavia. The most popular ones are the diesel power plants, especially for company car drivers. For people that have a heavy right foot, the 2.0-litre petrol turbo engine in the vRS is a firm favourite.

  1. Generous equipment as standard

You might think that a car brand like Skoda doesn’t have much in the way of standard options. In fact, the features that come with all models are plentiful! Examples include Bluetooth hands-free calling and music streaming, DAB digital radio, and 16-inch alloys. New owners can also enjoy features like traffic sign recognition and adaptive cruise control.

  1. DSG transmissions make driving a breeze

Let’s face it; the days of manual transmissions are coming to an end. Today’s automatic gearboxes are intelligent, advanced, and help motorists use less fuel. The Skoda Octavia is available with the seven-speed DSG transmission found in VW cars.

  1. The car handles like a champ on the road

Last, but not least, it’s worth taking out a Skoda Octavia for a test drive. Only then will you realise how well it handles in both straight runs and corners at high speeds! There are also three driving modes motorists can select. They adjust the steering and throttle responses to the current driving conditions.


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