Auction Preview: Classics Central, 30th October 2016

Which auction is it?

Classics Central – ‘Modern classics and chrome-bumper favourites’

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 13.53.52.png

When is it?

30th October 2016

Where is it? 

Bedford Autodrome, Thurleigh Airfield Business Park, Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, MK442YP

Which car should I definitely be bidding on?

This one:

LOT 28: 1989 BMW E30 C25 Alpina Convertible

Guide Price £15,000 – 17,000

Although there’s a fair few E30s in this auction, this has to be the pick of the bunch. With Alpina’s superb touch on the interior, suspension and handling. The C2 had a new exhaust manifold, pistons and camshafts, as well as Bilstein suspension and Alpina-specified spring and damper rates.

Not many of these were made, and less of them have survived in this sort of condition.

With E30 M3 prices sitting above £40,000, this (arguable rarer) Alpina version could be the bargain of the auction.

Is it rare? Yes. Is it beautiful? Yes. Will values increase? Yes. What’s not to love?


What else should I be bidding on?

LOT 8: 1993 BMW E30 318i Convertible / Guide Price £6,000 – £8,000

Another E30 and this time a four pot. Let’s see what the market says.

LOT 16: 1992 TOYOTA CELICA GT4 TURBO / Guide Price £7,000 – £9,000

Cool as HELL and we want it. 4×4 Turbo with Carlos Sainz name on it? Sold.

LOT 26: 1980 MERCEDES-BENZ R107 / Guide Price £15,000 – £18,000

It’s an SL, it’s yellow, it’s beautiful… We want to drive it on the Amalfi coast.

LOT 31: 1989 Ford Sierra Sapphire Cosworth / Guide Price £26,000 – £28,000

Remember the days when a tired ‘Saph Cossie was £2,000? Yup.

LOT 37: 1994 AUDI RS2 AVANT / Guide Price £35,000 – £37,000

It’s Right Hand Drive, it’s an estate, and it should do 150mph. Everything we love.

LOT 61: 2000 PEUGEOT 106 GTI / Guide Price £5,500-£6,000

52k on the clock and not wrapped around a tree? Me, Me, Me!

LOT 48: 1986 BMW E30 C2 2.7 Alpina / Guide Price £16,000-18,000

Why? Well, have you ever seen another one…?

LOT 52: 1988 BMW E24 M635 CSI / Guide Price £20,000-22,000

Probably the last time you can afford to buy one

LOT 54: 1997 BMW E36 316I / Guide Price £1,500-1,800

It’s a 4 pot, it’s a compact, it’s not got leather. Should go for peanuts.

LOT 58: 1988 BMW E30 325i Convertible / Guide Price £4,000-6,000

E30 prices have gone mad, so we want to see what this one hits on the hammer


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