Small Car Showdown: How Does The Toyota Yaris Stack Up Against The Nissan Micra?

Both the Toyota Yaris and the Nissan Micra are two popular models in their segment. These compact hatchbacks are a firm favourite with thousands of Brits. At least, if the sales figures for both vehicles are anything to go by!

While there are plenty of other alternatives on the market, the Yaris and the Micra are “best of breed” cars. But, when it comes to choosing one in particular, which is the right choice? Well, it will boil down to your individual needs and tastes. Here’s what both models have to offer.



One thing you will notice is that both new and used Nissan Micra models are cheaper than the Toyota Yaris. The difference in price isn’t staggering, but you might be wondering why the Yaris is dearer.

Simply put, the Toyota Yaris has a lot more technology to offer. And, as you can imagine, that raises the price somewhat. It might sound odd, but it’s good that the price is higher. That’s because the Yaris has a slower depreciation than the Micra.

So, if you want the cheapest of the two, go for the Micra. But, if you prefer slower depreciation, the Yaris is the better option.

Build Quality

Being a Toyota, the build quality on the Yaris is high as you might expect. That also means if you ever have an accident in it, you’re more likely to walk away from it unscathed.

While the Micra isn’t made of paper, it’s also not the best in its class for build quality. Hands down, the winner when it comes to build quality alone is the Toyota Yaris.

Interior Space

I don’t know about you, but I hate driving around or sitting inside of a cramped car! But does the Yaris and the Micra offer plenty of interior space?

When it comes to height, the Micra is the leader of the two. That’s not to say you’re sitting in a low-rider with the Yaris, of course! Visit your local Inchcape Toyota and sit inside a Yaris. You’ll notice there is enough headroom for most folks in the car.

Both cars don’t offer plenty of legroom, and that is to be expected. Front seat occupants will have more space than those in the rear.

But, what about boot space? Official figures show the boot in the Micra has a volume of 265 litres. Meanwhile, the Yaris is slightly bigger at 286 litres. As you might expect, there’s even more cargo space if you fold the rear seats down.

The Micra might be the winner when it comes to headroom. But, the Yaris leads for cargo and overall space.

Hybrid power

I’m afraid the Toyota Yaris hasn’t got any competition from the Nissan Micra here! As with most models in the range, the Yaris offers a hybrid power plant. As you can imagine, cutting down on fuel costs and road tax is a big incentive to buying a car.

So, which car should you buy?

Well, if you’re going by the comparisons above, the Toyota Yaris is the clear winner today.

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