How to quickly pass a driving test

Learning to drive isn’t the nicest of processes. But we’ve all been through it, the problem is when the lessons seem to be going on forever with no end in sight. Well, here are some tips on how to pass your test that little bit faster.

Get The Theory Out Of The Way

The theory test isn’t too hard provided you’ve done some basic revision. A lot of it is common sense but it pays to get the practice in and read up using all resources that can help. The benefit of getting the theory done early means you can focus on your driving and forget about the theory side of things. This means your attention isn’t diverted and you can go full steam ahead with your lessons.

Book A Cancellation

Sometimes you have to wait an age before your driving test. You may be more than ready, just ambling along having to spend more money on lessons just to keep it fresh in your head. If you’re ready for sure then you can find a cancelation by looking through driving test cancellations. It can get you out on the road a month or so earlier.

Take A Crash Course

If you’re really eager to learn and pass then why not take a crash course? They can be quite intensive and you’ll need to make sure you’re free for a week of two but afterword you can get straight into your test. Intensive driving offers a great way for you to get on the road quicker, and you can even save money by getting the lessons out of the way in one huge lump.

Practice Outside Of Lessons

If you want to be a great driver once you’ve passed your test then you need to practice. Go out with a family member or friend as much as possible, by doing this you’ll get road experience which will only help you sail through your lessons quicker and in turn your instructor will be more inclined to agree and suggest you book a test.


Find A Good Instructor

Find an instructor with a proven track record. But once you’ve started only continue if you gel with them and their teaching style. If it is not working find someone else as soon as possible otherwise you’re just going to be wasting your money and each other’s time. Finding an instructor whose style suits your own means you’ll learn much quicker. You’re going to be spending hours on end in a car together and if you don’t get on it won’t be a pleasant experience. That’s why it is vital to have a tester lesson before you book anything in blocks.

Learning to drive is stressful, but if you want to get it over with as soon as possible you could try some of these to get you through it all. Just remember, only take the test if you truly feel ready otherwise you’ll just be wasting money to go through a really unpleasant and somewhat embarrassing experience..

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