Finding The Perfect Mechanic

Cruising along the road happily, and suddenly hearing some kind of jarring noise coming from your chassis, is never a pleasant experience. In a lot of cases, it’s usually only the beginning of our problems as well! Having a car that’s out of action is stressful enough; then, you have to deal with all the extra service charges, problems that the mechanic has just discovered, and sourcing second, third and fourth opinions. If you want to skip all the stress that comes with getting car maintenance, here’s how to find the best mechanic you can.


Know the Patient

If you’re like most motorists, you’ve probably taken a car to a mechanic before, and after they’ve told you that some tubes need flushing or a belt needs replacing, you simply sigh and nod as if you know exactly what the mechanic is talking about. You don’t want to spend any more time there than you have to, after all. If you want to have a better experience with mechanics from here on, this is something that needs to change! Before you start asking your friends for recommendations or visiting directories like, you should spend a little time educating yourself about the car you drive. A Rav-4 is going to have very different maintenance needs to a Smart car. Google, as always, is a treasure trove of information, so get started!

Know the Work

Once you know something about your car’s anatomy, you’ll need to do a little more self-education about the work that goes into different repairs and checks. This is what’s going to make it easier to tell what’s fair and what’s a rip-off further down the road. Every mechanic who wants to turn a profit is going to give you a higher price for a part than, say, eBay. However, the truly shady auto repair shops will charge you a lot more. Again, Google is your best friend here. Before you take your car into a single shop, search the problems you’re experiencing, and the procedure that’s needed to fix it. Then, look up the average prices for the parts involved, and how long the actual work takes in the hands of a competent mechanic. This will ensure that you don’t get cheated, either in the way of part prices or labour charges.

Start Small

Perhaps your last experience with a mechanic was so nightmarish that you want to pin down the next one you’re going to immediately. If this is the case, then do a little research, get some recommendations, and then take your car in for a small, routine job. Oil changes, spark plug changes, and routine inspections are all good options. Don’t just leave the car there and have a wander around the shops though! Stick around, and pay attention to every little aspect of the process. Were the prices reasonable? Were the mechanics and other employees trustworthy and friendly? Were they forcible with up-selling their other services, or simply helpful? These are the kinds of things you should be considering to assess a mechanic.

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