Why you should modify your car…

Maybe you’ve had an old car for a very long time which bears some form of sentimentality, or maybe you’ve just bought yourself a brand new car with seats which still smell funny and feel uncomfy. Whatever the case, maybe your car feels like home, or maybe it doesn’t. There’s always a way to make it feel like your own vehicle. There’s always a way to make it feel homelier.

goodshoutmedia-bmw-e30-3-estate-m3-touring_0000_Layer 6.jpgE30 M3… Touring? BMW never made one. Yup, modified.

When it comes to personalising and customising your car, it can often feel a little odd to do so. You might be wondering why you should bother padding out the exterior, or getting a personalised number plate, but it isn’t anything to feel embarrassed about. It makes perfect sense that you’d want your vehicle to feel like it was yours, rather than just any old car.

Like anything, you should be putting a mark on your car. It’s a symbol of your creativity to personalise something which would otherwise be quite everyday.

You need your car to feel like it’s your car.

Customisation doesn’t always have to be lavish or over the top, so you don’t have to feel as if you’re showing off or making some grand statement by doing so. Sometimes it can be the simple things which make something individual and showcase an inner creativity, or a small aspect of the persona we possess.

Volvo 5.jpgWoody style Volvo 740 Estate? Yup, modified.

Something as simple as a new paint job could achieve this nicely. You might have loved the car when you bought it, because it had all the practical elements you ever wanted, but it wasn’t your favourite colour. Well, why shouldn’t it be your favourite colour? It’s your car and you should be doing whatever you so please with it.

You might love the car itself and want to express that, or just have a little fun getting creative with it.

Sometimes a personalised number plate is a way to showcase the model, whether that be a BMW or a Mercedes. Other times, it can be something you do for fun. There are no rules when it comes to your own car, so be as witty or serious with your personalised registration as you wish.

If you’ve owned your vehicle for many years, or only just bought it, it’s natural to want to add a little something extra. If you leave the vehicle the way you bought it, what separates it from any other model on the road? You might want a private number plate simply to add a little bit of you to your beloved new vehicle, and then you can really let it sink in that it’s now yours.

You might have an ordinary car that you can turn into an extraordinary car.

Maybe your old car runs perfectly, but it doesn’t have any of the coolest new features present in modern vehicles. Why fork out thousands for a new car when you can just spruce up the old one? There’s no reason that installing a bit of modern technology, such as hands-free calling, or improving the exterior to include comfier seats couldn’t completely transform your vehicle. Keep the functional car, but just make it look nicer.

Whatever your situation, if you want to personalise your car, just do it. It’s yours. You should make it feel that way.

There never was a BMW E30 M3 Estate… How’s this for an extraordinary, personal modification?

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