Does Your Car Need Some TLC? Regular Maintenance Jobs You SHOULD Be Doing

When it comes to looking after our cars, many of us can be a little on the lax front. In fact, many people only bother to do any maintenance on their cars in the aftermath of an incident or accident – even if they use their vehicle every single day. Our cars are what get us from A to B, but just like any appliance we use, they need to be treated with respect. If you are not already a car fanatic, it may be hard for you to see that – but cars are a huge part of all our lives and you will soon learn that the more you put into them, the more you get out of them. Here are just a few of the service areas many drivers often forget, and why investing in them can give you a much better driving experience.

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A valet

It can sometimes seem as though there are two types of people: those who keep the interior of their cars pristine, to the point that it looks like it’s fresh from the showroom – and those whose cars are frankly, a mess. If you fall into the latter category, it may be the time for you to seriously having a valet performed on your vehicle. Sitting in a dirty, unsightly car is never a pleasant experience for anyone – not for you or for any passengers you have. If people have been rejecting your offers of lifts, stop and think for a second – could it actually be because the inside of your car is such a mess? Keeping on top of your car’s cleanliness is just like keeping on top of your own home – you do sit in your car every day, after all. Give it a go yourself or pay for a professional valet, depending on what you think it needs.


Fresh tyres

A car takes you to your destination, of course. But what exactly does it do that on? Its own four tyres. Just as we can’t get about if we suffer a leg or foot injury, our cars won’t work properly if there is an issue with one of their tires. If you haven’t checked the tread on your tires recently, it could be time to do so. The primary function of tires is to enable the car to work in all manner of weather circumstances. So, with that in mind, worn tires can put you at risk of a lot of serious safety issues, such as aquaplaning. They can also inhibit the way the car actually drives, and could actually slow you down. If you aren’t sure whether to replace your tyres or not, visit professionals such as  Wiltshire Tyres – they will be able to give you advice and even fit you a new set, if needed.


Keeping your levels topped up

Oil. anti-freeze and screenwash. These tend to all be things many drivers take for granted, as though their car has an unlimited supply of all of them. To avoid running out of any (it will happen!) make sure you check all of these regularly – it’s easily done, and your car manual will usually tell you how to do so. It is especially important that you check all of these before a long journey or if you are expecting a bout of bad weather. Look after your car and it will look after you!

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