True Story: How the Skoda VRS Came About

How on earth did Skoda, known for unreliability and heated rear windows that keep your hands warm while you push it, come up with a quick estate car worthy of the Good Shout Media Fast Estate Round Up?

One day a man from Volkswagen owned Skoda was strolling around a Volkswagen owned Audi factory. “What are all those?” said Skoda man to Audi Man, pointing at a pile of boxes. “Oh, they’re 1.8 litre 180bhp engines for the TT, everyone keeps ordering it with the 225bhp lump so they’re sort of just sat there” replied Audi Man. “Hmmm” said Skoda man…. Right, I’ve got an idea”

Two weeks later the Octavia V-RS was born. (We’re fairly sure this is a true story, a man from Skoda told us about 15 years ago)


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