The problem with ‘Modern Classics’

The Renault Avantime, according to Geoff Thompson on Facebook:

“It’ll be one of those cars that someone will buy, and when they come to sell it, everyone will say ‘that must be worth a fortune’, because they read the classic car press and classic car blogs…. but the seller will realise that the few people that would buy the car already own one (or two), so a ream of classic car press and blogs will be lauding it as a modern classic when they’re short on content to post on which to charge advertisers large sums of money, when in reality the car is worth 20p because no on actually wants to buy it… This means that buyers and sellers alike think the car is worth a fortune which means sellers can’t sell and buyers either don’t exist or don’t buy. Like SO many ‘modern classics’ right now. It’ll be the car that you’ll see on a dealer website very soon for £8995, it’ll sit on the eBay showroom for 3 months before he quietly sends it to a local auction where it’ll make £450.”

Cheers Geoff.


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