Why Don’t I Take Car Safety More Seriously?

As a petrol head, there are a lot of things that are high on your list of the must-have features. From nitrous oxide to a V8 engine, car enthusiasts want it all. One feature which doesn’t score highly but that should is security. After all, if you are going to inject a lot of cash into a motor, it should be safe from thieves. Sadly, lots of drivers don’t care or are not willing to go the extra mile. If you are one of these people, it is time for a change as safety is paramount and easy to take care of in most cases. Indeed, you can do it yourself.

Baby Monitor

Thanks to suspicious parents, the supermarkets are full of baby monitors. What’s even better is the fact that they have such good sound quality. With one of these in your car and the other in the house, it is possible to hear the sound of a smashing window. Some even allow you to link the feed to a phone so that you can ensure the car is safe at all times. The price, they are about £75-100, is minimal and the effect significant, so why wait any longer?


Wheel Nut Lock

Unscrupulous thieves will take whatever they can get their hands on, and that includes the wheels. In fact, they will even steal the alloys if there is a good chance of whipping them off in time. Sadly, there is with regulation wheel nuts and bolts because they are not secure. With a lock over the standard hub, you can negate the safety problem quite easily. All you have to do is keep the key safe because only it can remove the lock. Otherwise, you will have to call the Locking Wheel Nut removal service for help. A tip: get another key cut just in case the original goes missing.

ferrari interior.jpg

Remove The Steering Wheel

Taking the steering wheel out seems like a bad idea. In truth, it is perfectly fine to remove it and put it back in again. Plus, a thief is not going to steal a car that doesn’t have a wheel. After all, vehicles are pretty useless if they don’t have any way to manoeuvre them on the roads. To prevent the trickiest burglars, make sure you have a locking ring in place, too. This stops opportunists from using an alternative wheel to get away.

ferrari spark plugs

Pull The Plug

Removing a spark plug does not work on modern models because they have sophisticated features. However, the older cars still use them, and they can act as an internal safety feature. All a person has to do is pull one of the spark plugs out and leave it disconnected. Because there is no ignition on the cylinder, the car is almost impossible to move as it won’t start. Although thieves are industrious, they don’t have time to look under the hood and fix a spark plug.

Rather, they will bolt and find a more promising alternative.

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