A Crash Course in Slashing Car Costs

There is no doubt that buying a car is one of the biggest expenses in your life, and it doesn’t end from the moment you drive it off the forecourt. With petrol, insurance, tax, and maintenance to contend with, the bills just keep on racking up. So, this guide is here to make things easier on your wallet by giving your some simple methods that you can save cash on the upkeep of your car. The three areas that we will be focusing on are fuel costs, insurance and repairs so let’s dive in.

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Driving sensibly and safely is one of the best ways to cut your fuel costs, so rapid acceleration and hard braking are two things that you want to avoid. 50 miles per hour tends to be the optimum speed in terms of fuel efficiency. If you are parked and waiting for a period of over 30 seconds, you should turn the engine off to prevent unnecessary fuel wastage. One factor that people don’t really think about having an impact of fuel efficiency is whether their tyres are properly inflated, but making sure they are can make a significant impact. And when you do get round to filling up again, it is worth shopping around so you know where the cheapest petrol station is – there are apps out there that can give you a helping hand in this regard.


Rare car? You need adequate insurance.


Despite the huge savings that can be made from shopping around on insurance, a big proportion of people still aren’t doing it so take a look at cheapautoinsurance.co.uk. There are a number of factors which can help to bring down costs including your annual mileage and whether you park your car inside a garage or not. One of the many good reasons for paying off your credit cards in full every month is that your credit score could be impacting the overall cost of your insurance. And there are some minor collisions that are not worth claiming for as they will affect your premiums and you also have to factor in the excess.

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Repairs and Maintenance

Learning some basic car maintenance tasks such as how to rotate the tyres and when to change the oil can save you significant funds in the long run. Other techniques which could come in handy include learning how to replace your wiper blades, fuses and lights. Again, sensible driving is a good approach to take, so cut out the hard braking as this can extend the life of your brakes significantly. Using the manufacturer’s recommended motor oil can help to reduce friction in the engine.

So, by following these rules in these three areas of car upkeep and maintenance, you can significantly cut the costs of running and maintaining your car. Though most of the tips represent small savings, these all add up in the long run and can end up making a big difference to the money in your pocket.

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