Finding The Right Vehicle For Your Business

If you are self-employed or employed by a car company or dealership, choosing the right vehicle might cause a bit of a headache. With thousands of cars to choose from, and every seller pushing for you to buy their product, it can be hard to know what to go for.

You need to think about what the main use of your vehicle will be; transporting goods, tools or products. Is it more important that it can handle different terrains or long distance driving? You should also consider the way the vehicle looks – if it is to represent your company, then you do have to pay attention to the way it would be viewed. A rust-free, clean vehicle will be better received than a beaten up old banger.

Here are some tips to help to narrow down the list.
Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 15.47.54.png

Specific Cars

If you work for a car company, it makes sense to own a car of the same brand you represent. This can be so important that a lot of specific dealerships will give you a company car when you begin working for them. Having a company car does have the unfortunate side effect of losing the car if you choose a different career path. A dealership where a selection of different companies is found in one place, presents you with the unique opportunity to choose whichever car takes your fancy.



People whose careers fall into areas like decorators, builders and gardeners might want to look into purchasing a van. A van doesn’t have to cost the moon, low cost vans come in all sizes, meaning that you can find the right one for your budget. Look out for whether you will need side and rear access to the van, the height and width and how many you need to seat (typically van’s seat three.)

vvv-vw caddy mk1

Pick-up Trucks

An open bed truck might be a good option for landscapers, scaffolders and tree surgeons. The bed allows for a range of items that might otherwise exceed the restrictions of a van. But think about the safety of your tools when buying one of these. A van can be locked, where your pickup bed is open to the elements and thieves. If you are keeping it in a unit or garage, or are planning on emptying it at night, then this is a great option.


Smart Cars

Are you using your vehicle for advertising, or for just manoeuvring around the town? If so, a smaller car, like a smart car is perfect. These sorts of cars are popular with companies like estate agents. They are low on cost and maintenance which makes them ideal for small journeys.



Off-road vehicles are perfect for anything where the terrain changes often. These vehicles range in size and style and can be perfect for different things. A Land Rover Defender is more of a robust, military-style vehicle. Where the Land Rover Discovery is made more for luxurious off-roading. A 4X4 vehicle is perfect for roles like farming.

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