Your Car Can Be Charitable, If You Drive It in That Direction

You know you can help charities, but did you know your car can too? Yes, the fact that you can drive and have a car can help you to do even more good charitable work than you already thought you could do, or do in fact already do. To see just how you and your car can do charitable work, make sure to read.

By directly donating your car

First of all, you should know that you can actively do charitable work by directly donating your car to a charity. You could donate it to a charity that deals directly with taking cars off of the hands of those that want to donate them. Or this could giving your car to a charity of your choosing so that they can either sell or use it in their charitable mission. There are always ways to donate your car to a good cause, you just have to know how to donate it and where to donate it.

By scrapping wisely

If there ever is unfortunately a need to scrap your car because your mechanic just can’t see a way to fix it, then by choosing wisely in regards to where you scrap it you and your car can end up being charitable. You can do so because there are now a host of car scrapping services that donate the money they get for any scrap metal taken from your car to charities. Scrap Car Network are one such service who donate the proceeds of scrapped cars to Recycling Lives, a social welfare charity that helps those who find themselves homeless and seeks to provide them with life-changing opportunities. What’s more, this service doesn’t do too bad a of job with the scrapping, either, as seen in some of these customer reviews. So, if you want to make light of the unfortunate instance of having to scrap your car, then make sure you choose wisely with who you choose to scrap your car.

By running errands in your car for a charity

You don’t just have to donate your car to a charity or give it to a charitable scrapping service to be charitable with your car, however. No, you can keep your car and do so, and you can do this by using your car to run errands for a charity. This could come in the form of a local charity on your nearest high street to, say, do a weekly shop of essentials for the staff that volunteer their time to work there. It could mean helping this charity shop move and transfer their goods to other charitable shops. Or, it could mean using your car to help transfer those who are in need of transferring, such as the elderly or the needy.

top gear charity

Top Gear famously gave their ‘America Special’ road trip cars away to a charitable cause

Your car can be a very powerful tool and change a lot of people’s lives, if it is used correctly and if that’s the direction you really want to take it in. And it should be the direction you want to take it in, if helping people comes naturally to you!

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