UK Road Casualty Statistics All Drivers Should Read

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People who’ve had a driving licence for more than ten years will often become complacent when they spend time behind the wheel. That is especially the case if the individual has managed to avoid becoming involved in accidents in the past. Considering that, there are some statistics on this page that all drivers must read. You can also check out the infographic below for more information. Hopefully, these facts will encourage you to drive safely this winter.

Average number of serious injuries each day: 66

While it might seem shocking, no less than 66 severe injuries happen on UK roads every single day. That is only a small percentage of the total number of motorists. However, the figure should help to highlight why you always need to make safety a top priority.

Average number of fatalities each day: 5

During 2016, the average number of people who died on UK roads every single day was five. Again, it’s a small percentage of the total road users, but that’s still a shocking statistic. That means that five families have to answer their doors to police officers will terrible news every twenty-four hours.

Number of driver fatalities in 2016: 816

In total, the number of driver fatalities on UK roads during 2016 stands at 816. That is almost a thousand people who started the year with smiles on their faces only to end it in a coffin. The figure is set to rise slightly for 2017, but we’re still waiting for the publication of official statistics.

Don’t overlook that information, and ensure you always take precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of other road users whenever you start your car’s engine.

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