Just Like Old? Let’s Upgrade Your Car For Cheap!

If you’ve got a car that is, to say the least, ancient, it can be quite annoying to try and maintain the upkeep of it, especially if it’s something you drive a lot. But if you don’t have the funds to trade your old banger in for a new shiny vehicle, much like a lot of us do now, we have to make the most of what we’ve got. So, how can we make a car feel a bit newer?

Screenshot 2018-01-05 16.31.12.png

Clean It!

This really is the first port of call, and yes, it does sound pretty obvious. But a really good wash, as well as a proper clean up on the inside, as well as a nice layer of wax can make a big difference, not just to the look of your car, but to the feel of it also. There are plenty of suppliers like CTI Industrial Supply who provide the basics for your car’s body needs, and you can contact them via their website. But it’s surprising as to how much a good clean can rejuvenate a car, inside and out.

Making The Most Of The Wheels

Designer alloy wheels can be the key to making an old car look like new, but these are so expensive. Instead, you are better off using replica wheels or add lightly used ones. The trick is to suit the make and feel of your vehicle. If you had, for example, a BMW 3 series, with the standard 15-inch wheels, you could go for an 18-inch wheel from a higher spec version of the 3 Series, as it will match with the car, but it will also save you money.


BMW E30 on 18 inch wheels

Update The Interior

You don’t have to change the upholstery to make it seem like new. Even if your car is a couple of years old, the electronics on the inside could be outdated. So, instead change it for something that is compatible with an iPhone, or iPod, or something with Bluetooth connectivity.

How Are Your Headlamps?

If they are plastic composite headlamps, as most vehicles that have been built over the last 20 years or so are, these can dull over time. For cheap, you can pick up a headlight restoration kit, which will change the dull and yellowed headlight into something much clearer, which will help your car look a lot better, and it will help you when you are driving on dark roads.


Upgrading The Color

Amazingly, you don’t need to put a new paint job on the car to make it look like new. Instead, you can color code your bumpers, and this is an option many manufacturers offer. If you are feeling brave, you could upgrade your black plastic bumpers, which can be a major eyesore, and spray paint the matching color yourself.

In addition to this, you could make changes to the air conditioning, purchase a scratch repair kit for light superficial scratches, and replace the windshield wipers for cheap. When money is a problem, upgrading your car may seem like a pipe dream, so why don’t you make some basic changes for cheap?


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