Have The Ride Of Your Dreams – Without The Large Pricetag!

There’s something amazing about imagining yourself driving around in your favourite car, or at least the same brand of car anyway! Every man has their dream car in their head. Some go for exotic race cars, while some veer on the side of muscle and rally cars. However, driving the car of your dreams might seem a little out of reach, especially when cash flow isn’t allowing you to go and buy the car that you want. No worries, here are some tips on how to have the ride of your dreams without the large price tag!


Buy it on finance

One of the fastest ways of getting the car of your dreams is to consider buying it on finance. This allows you to drive away with the car (subject to credit checks) the same day without having to pay a large sum of money. A car dealership will allow you to place a deposit and pay back the money over a length of time that you agree on together. Just be sure that the agreement is something that you will be able to keep up with, otherwise you could land yourself in some financial difficulties. One great bonus of having a car on finance is that insurance and servicing is often included in the price, so you won’t have to worry about that either!

Do it up yourself

An option that you should consider is to buy a broken down version of your car and do it up yourself. This is a fantastic way of doing it because it’s likely that you can get a chassis for a very reasonable price on the internet. You can then do it up in your own time and without having to worry about money. There are dealers that sell parts for cars that you can buy cheaply from. For example, if you were doing up a Merc, you’d head to Mercedes-Benz AMG Servicing & GenuineParts so that you could find the best parts and also advice for your car. It might take some time to complete, but the end result would be you driving your dream car.

Book an experience day

Some cars are simply out of reach when it comes to financing (within your budget) and also doing it up yourself. These are usually super cars that cost millions to purchase. However, you can book experience days which will allow you to drive the car of your dreams around for a few hours. It’s likely that you will have an instructor with you that will teach you some manouveurs and show you the ropes, but it would definitely be worth the trip!

Find someone with that car

Finally, another option would be to find someone that you know that already owns the brand that you love, and ask them if you’re able to insure yourself on it and give it a test drive. This might be a challenge for those of you that want to drive really exotic cars, but more often than not you will find someone has the car that you’re after!


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