A tale of two tourings

You wait all year for a fast E36 Touring to come up for sale and then two come along at once…

Not long ago we blogged about finding a rare BMW E36 M3 Touring on eBay, and yet another fast E36 Touring has caught our attention.

goodshoutmedia-bmw-e36-B3-3.2-alpina-touring_0007_Layer 14.jpg

This time it’s a super rare 1 of 5, or 1 of 4 depending on who you ask. Classic Car Auctions listed one for sale in 2015 so needless to say they don’t exactly pop up for sale very often.

With all the hype around the so called ‘modern classic’ movement and E30 prices starting to look rather silly, this E36 Alpina looks to be a great shout.


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