The coolest car on eBay right now – BMW E36 M3 Touring

These certainly don’t come up very often… or at all actually.

BMW never made a touring version of the M3. Not as an E30, not as an E36, not as an E46 (other than an official test car) and not as any of the later variants. Munich seems to think that anyone wanting a big Bavarian wagon with a whole lot of whump will go for a 5 Series.

goodshoutmedia-bmw-e36-m3-touring-estate_0008_Layer 3.jpg

But what if you’re not a fan of the 5 Series? What if you like the size and poise of a 3 Series?

Here’s your answer. Listed on eBay for £10,000 or nearest offer, here’s a BMW E36 M3 Touring.

The 1999 car uses a genuine E36 M Sport 323i body with the running gear from a 1997 M3 soloon 3.2 evolution.

Stripping out an E36 M3 to make a touring version might sound crazy, but the M3 in question was allegedly stolen recovered. With today’s values, a stolen / recovered vehicle that’s (possibly) gone through auction with (possibly) broken locks and (possibly) no paperwork isn’t exactly worth a great deal, so it made sense to build a rare touring with the parts instead. Perhaps the M3 had some rusty bodywork too, but this is all just speculation…

Anyway, this car is Avus blue, a highly desirable colour and only a notch or two down from Estoril blue. The transplant has allegedly been done professionally and it certainly looks that way from the photos.

Sitting on those Throwing Star alloy wheels it really does look like the BMW that never was… but should have been.

Here’s the original sellers description:

1999 BMW M3 Touring conversion finished in stunning metallic Avus Blue paintwork based on a genuine 323i manual M sport with 113k miles and professionally converted using an undamaged stolen recovered 1997 M3 saloon 3.2 Evoloution with a warranted 140k miles , the process began with the detailed strip down of the donor car removing the engine running gear suspension brakes and all associated ancillaries. All this was built professionally into the touring with any perished or worn looking parts being replaced during the process ,The interior was removed from the touring and sent off for a complete retrim in black leather with M stripes the M3 walnut trim and M3 clocks were also added from the donor along with the all the padded leather door cards . calipers were refurbished and the engine itself had been fully fluid serviced . The body is immaculate with no rot in any of the usual places no dents or chips visible at all , car currently has a powerflow cat back system (original box still here) which sounds really well . Throwing star alloys will not be included in the sale car will be sold on 17″ staggered motorsports . Vehicle is based in Northern Ireland 45 mins from all airports and Docks collection from either will not be a problem , Vehicle can also be shipped at buyers expense to anywhere in the UK price can be provided .

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