How To Turn Your Old Car Into A Modern One

We’ve all gone through a time where our old car is looking for some extra tender loving care, but unfortunately we haven’t known what to do so we end up sadly parting with it and finding something newer to meet our needs. You may feel as though it’s come to that time again, but if there isn’t actually a problem under the bonnet and your vehicle is just coming off a little dated, before you go window shopping, consider modernising what you have instead. This will not only allow you to keep your trusty steed, but you will also be saving a lot of money because you’re not having to fork out on a brand new car!

Here’s how to modernise what you already have.

Update the colour

A lot of people don’t seem to realise that they can change the colour of their car whenever they want to. Just like you change the colour of your walls at home to give it a new sense of life – the same goes for your vehicle. So if you’re used to driving around in the now stained white, with visible rust spots and scratch marks – change it up. Go for something bolder like a Ferrari coloured red. You could even add some patterns on it like stripes down the sides to give it that racecar feel – regardless of what model you have. And don’t forget the different finishes that come with colours too, like metallic, matte, pearlescent, and more.


Update the plate

Your number plate can say a lot about your car if you plan on making things more personal. You should know that the older style of plates are called suffix number plates which were the first type to have a year identifier included within their digits, making it easy to be identified. But did you know that you can now customise what you have to identify yourself? If you’re known by a certain nickname, or if your car itself has a name that you’ve so kindly given it, then you can create that with various letters and numbers. This is a cool and quirky touch that will separate you from the crowd.


Update the interior

Just because you may be the only one that goes inside your car, doesn’t mean that it’s any less important. Old cars tend to have a lot of wear and tear on the inside from all the movement that you make, from your body in the seat, to your hands on the steering wheel. So have a think about how you’d like to make it as good as new. One very effective way is to choose a brand new material to fit over your seats. You have so many options, from leather, to cotton, so think about the comfort, as well as the overall look. You can also buy steering wheel covers in an array of different colours and designs, and this small addition can really spruce up the place.

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