Pimp Your Ride: Get the Motorcycle You Want

Unlike drivers, who mainly use their vehicles for getting from point A to point B without any fuss, motorcyclists know that there is a lot more to a vehicle like that. The motorcycle is not just a pair of wheel attached to a convenient engine with a seat in the middle; it is a way of life.

If you have been inducted to the motorcycle club (even with the daily shower of spiders who can’t leave off for just one minute!) you will likely spend a lot of time thinking about how you can improve your ride. That tiny scratch that could do with a quick respray or the seat that has seen better days are always on your mind.

So what makes the perfect motorcycle? And where can you find a custom fairing kit?

golf and yamaha r6 mk1



Look After the Seat

Straddling a motorcycle is not the most comfortable position to be in for a long journey so getting the seat right is vital for your comfort and pleasure. You might think that it is all in the padding but actually the contours make a big difference too. This is formed by the pan or baseplate and so needs to be right first time.

Padding or stuffing is the easiest thing for trial and error and you can experiment with different kinds of foam as well as combinations. Bear in mind that what is comfortable enough for nipping round the corner may not be suitable for a longer journey so be ready to make adjustments as you get used to riding more.

BMW Bike.jpeg

Add Your Personality

A motorcycle may not have the same amount of metal to paint as a car, but there is still plenty of room for you to express a bit of your personality too. In fact, it is actually a bit easier to paint a motorcycle because the parts are all much more accessible and manageable too.

Make sure that you sand down the surface before you start and then use body filler to level it off and make sure the paint comes out smooth. Then all you need to do is figure out an awesome design and let your creativity go wild.

Another, cheaper option is to use vinyl wraps. This is probably a better idea if you aren’t very good at painting and want a flawless finish!

Speed Triple 2.jpg

Introduce Wheel Lights

The law is pretty vague about whether you can add wheel lights and turn them on while you are on the road, but essentially, as long as they don’t interfere with your other lights or cause confusion, they seem to be okay.

There is nothing cooler than adding lights to your wheels and while you are on private land you are welcome to do as you wish as no other drivers will be affected. You can get all kinds of colours (definitely don’t get blue as this is reserved for the emergency services) and attach them to make your vehicle look Tron-like in the dark.

wheel lights

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