Just Because You’re Behind Doesn’t Mean You’re Safe

In front or behind…?

We all know that the safest position on the roads is to be the car in front. Not only is the road clear so you have more control over your speed and direction, but other road users aren’t as much of a threat. At the exits of motorways that lead to roundabouts most people wince at being the car in front. You just hope that the car behind you will have the good fortitude of judgement to slow down in time to not hit you. Driving behind and keeping good discipline over your given car lengths you don’t have much to worry about.

Except, you’re not always safe when you’re behind. You would think that the danger would be again, from the rear. But actually, the car in front is just as much of a potential danger as the car behind you. Being sandwiched in, the only way for you to move out of the way of danger is to go forward. So the responsibility of keeping safe once all cars behind have stopped lays firmly with the car in front.

Reversing with no warning

It’s a common sight on the roads to see people in a halfway house when it comes to the lights. In an attempt to perhaps run the lights or follow on the car next while the lights were changing from red to yellow, leaves them in purgatory. You see them with their car over the crosswalk meant for pedestrians and with the front bumper hanging precariously out on the main road. If you can see the driver in front of you has done this, you should immediately give them space. Hover your hand over the gear stick or paddle shift and get ready to go into reverse. They might panic and begin reversing out of nowhere. So rather than have your bumper scuffed up and possibly a dent in your bonnet and broken headlights, just get ready to start backing up.

Screenshot 2018-05-17 14.34.53.png

Pulling out with no warning

Some people make you stop and wonder how on earth they even got their license. They do acts that leave you baffled and full of rage. If you’re on a busy high street with shops on both sides of the road, people will be parking and leaving parking spots all the time. Despite being the car that’s behind and keeping your distance from the car in front of you, a car exiting a parking space can cause you a major accident. For some odd reason, not everyone uses their mirrors when entering onto a busy road. A car suddenly pulling out in front of you can cause you to crash into them. The general rule of thumb is that it’s the car that’s behind responsible to avoid accidents right? But if you’re injured by something like this happening a road traffic accident claims lawyer will prove you did no wrong. Despite hitting the car from behind, if you weren’t given any warning, no signals and they pulled out so swiftly that you had no time to react, the lawyer will get you the win in court. Whether you need compensation for your injuries or car repair payments, the other driver will owe you both.

Screenshot 2018-05-17 14.30.23

Perhaps the myth of the car that’s behind always being in the wrong in road accidents is because of how road safety was once taught and it just hasn’t changed. But with modern dash cameras and new ways of lawyers collecting evidence, this is beginning to change.


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