Off-Road Travel Tips For The Natural Auto Explorer

Getting out into nature is a very good thing to experience. It can help rejuvenate your general outlook on life, particularly when things are a little tough. Also, we auto nuts often spend a decent amount of time in our garage, which is quite an oily, fragrant, dirty environment. We love our areas which allow us to cultivate this hobby, but sometimes you do need a break. Heading out to off-road terrain can help you see the sights of your local environment, and even further ashore. It can provide a very fun driving experience on top of that, so why not make it a fixture of your life this weekend?


If you do, you’ll need the best tips to get you started. Here’s how:

Read The Environment

It’s important to know the roads you take. Using the right vehicle or motorbike to overcome the terrain is important, and you should always check their off-road capability. This could include installing witches, specialist tyres, using a motorcycle carburettor rebuild service and even purchasing off-road survival kits just in case. However, all of this should be underpinned by an ability to read the environment in front of you. If you have trouble doing this, then the general scope of your efforts could be superseded by a loose bit of tarmac here, or a hill too steep to ascend. Be rational. While going off road could be considered adventurous, too much adventure might not be suitable for you or the health of your vehicle.

Tire Pressure

It is important to be wise about the capabilities of your vehicle. If your vehicle is deemed worthy, then it could be wise to lower your tire pressure. This allows for better traction when moving up steep rocky environments, and especially on uneven ground. This is because the tread and rubber of the tire must cater to the conforming shapes of the rock underneath it. If your tire pressure is too high, then the pressure against the tires from the floor could be too uneven and end up damaging the integrity of your wheel arch, or even shock your suspension into damaging vital auto components.

Too low a tire pressure will also be inadvisable for its own obvious reasons, so if you can try and strike a decent balance. Remember that placing your hand on the tire to test pressure will not be as accurate as when two tonnes of metal are placed on top, so use specialist reading instruments if you can.


Get Out & Check

We get it. Riding through the off-road environment can be very fun, and the whole internal movement of your cabin or motorbike seat can be interesting when going over bumps. However, sometimes it pays to park your vehicle and check what’s in front of you. This relates to our first point. Sometimes that ford is a lot deeper than you originally assumed, and could have wrecked your vehicle. Sometimes that makeshift bridge will absolutely snap with the weight of a vehicle on it. Sometimes the tarmac could slide you from a steep edge. If you’re ever in doubt, never be afraid to assess the situation more conclusively.

With that in mind, you will enjoy some stellar and adventurous off-roading experiences.


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