The Long And Short Of It… The Issues With Both Types Of Car Journey


It’s a cliché, whenever we get behind the wheel, we are putting our lives into our own hands. Regardless of the journey we have ahead of us, there are always going to be factors that mean we will end up risking ourselves in one way or the other. Whether it’s a long journey or a short journey, they both have their own individual concerns. But, which one is safer?

The Short Journey

Regardless of your level of experience, you are going to go out on short journeys more than you are longer ones. If you’ve just passed your test, you will go on shorter journeys to build up your confidence. Short journeys are usually within your neighborhood, and this throws up concerns with regards to cyclists, children playing in the road, or just the fact there are more pedestrians. The biggest issue in driving within small areas is that there’s more chance of hitting someone. And as more people are doing the best to avoid driving their car, there are more people on bicycles. As a result, you’ve got to be a lot more aware, especially as most roads aren’t built to accommodate a car and a bicycle at the same time, so you are weaving around these bikes a lot of the time. The bottom line: there are more people around when you’re making short journeys.

The Long Journey

Long journeys throw different problems into the mix. It’s not about the pedestrians and bicycle riders anymore, it’s about the disregard other people have on the bigger roads. This includes yourself, and if you are someone who isn’t adept at long journeys, the usual culprits of car accidents come into play. These include distracted driving, fatigue, or just sheer ignorance. Now, there are more functions on a car to play around with, so you can easily get distracted, trying to get the right temperature in the car, for example. But there are functions that work really well, such as lane assist. But not everybody has these functions in the car, and if you are driving without due care and attention on the road, and you easily slip into another lane without looking properly, you’d better get a personal injury attorney ready, because you’re going to cause a big accident!

Ultimately, long and short journeys are both considerably dangerous, but the differences in the two are surprising, to say the least. Other factors to consider include the time of day you’re driving, but also the area. You also need to consider your own ability to focus on the road. So many drivers spend more time focusing on what’s going on inside the car rather than outside it. This is something that, unfortunately, increases the more you go out on the road. If we can learn anything from novice drivers, it’s that they are the safest out there. This is because they’re not taking anything for granted, long or short journeys. Ultimately, both are dangerous, but it’s how we react to the situations around us.

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