Summer Driving: Tips For Vehicle Safety In The Sun

When it comes to staying safe while driving, we all know about the perils of winter. We know about ice and snow; the risk of low tire treads; how stopping distances are impacted by adverse weather. Winter is also a favourite time of year for mechanics and dealerships to offer “winter car checks”, which just helps to further cement the fact that winter is a season for car drivers to be cautious into our minds.


Given that winter can be so tough on drivers and their vehicles, it’s natural to presume that its opposite season — summer — would be great for drivers and their vehicles. However, this isn’t quite the case. While summer poses fewer threats than winter, there’s no doubt the hottest months of the year have their own challenges for drivers; for example…

Sunlight and glare

We all love sunlight… until it’s glinting off our mirrors or making it difficult to see the road lines due to the glare. If you’re going to be driving during the summer months, then it’s vital you have a pair of UV-resistant sunglasses in the car at all times; relying on the pull-down visor in your vehicle is a recipe for disaster.

summer drive 5


Older cars — or younger cars that haven’t been quite so well maintained! — can experience problems with overheating during the summer months. If you’re going on a long drive, make sure you stop every few hours and give the engine time to cool. Or, better yet, speak to a mechanic and get any radiator problem resolved once and for all.

Other drivers

Most notably, drunk drivers. The summer months tend to lead to higher arrest for drink driving, as people enjoy the longer days and social events that summer tends to encourage. This means you’re going to need to be extra vigilant on the road to ensure you can take evasive action if another driving is acting unpredictably.

summer porsche

Sadly, this doesn’t guarantee you won’t suffer at the hands of a thoughtless drunk driver, but ensuring you pay more attention and limit your own distractions does give you a better chance of avoiding a dangerous situation. If the worst does happen, just remember that the likes of Tenge Law Firm are perfectly placed to help you cope with the aftermath. It’s not fair that you have to be concerned about this, but it is a statistical fact, so keep it in mind when you head out onto the roads during the summer months.

Slippery road surfaces

We all associate slippery road surfaces with wet and icy conditions, but there is another reason your vehicle might lose traction when you’re driving: the road is melting. This is a relatively rare phenomenon that only impacts older roads, but it can and does happen.

summer porsche 2

Roads melting is more likely to happen during a heatwave, when the sustained heat over the course of several days begins to undermine the structure. If you’re driving in these conditions, leave your traction control on and be gentle when cornering— it’s better to be safe than sorry in this regard!

By taking the above into account, you can be sure of a happy, safe summer on the roads!

susummer porsche 4

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