The Car Of Your Dreams Could Fast Become A Nightmare

Any car owner has one eye on their dream vehicle. This is the car you go to sleep dreaming about. If money were no issue, you’d rush out and buy the thing straight away. It may be that a Porsche has your fantasy name on it. Or, perhaps a Ferrari forever catches your eye. Either way, there isn’t a doubt in your mind that THIS is the car your soul desires. And, part of you is sure that one day, that dream will become a reality.

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In truth, though, few of us actually reach those car dreams. Those car clippings could fast become nothing more than a reminder of what you never had. It’s a hard fate to face, but at least you’re lucky enough to have four wheels to your name. Besides which, dreams cars aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. If you did manage to bag the ride of your dreams, it could fast become a nightmare. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out the reality of owning the perfect vehicle.

Your driving is sure to suffer

You might imagine that crisp engine performance would see you cruising down the street, but it’s rarely the case. In truth, your vehicle will mean so much that your driving may become erratic. Your spacial awareness will fall apart as you imagine scraping the side of your pride and joy. You may even be so distracted with keeping your car safe that you plough straight into another vehicle. And, if that happens, the injured party will have every right to seek car accident help. After all, you’ll be guilty of distracted driving. What’s more, access to faster speeds could lead to your breaking speed laws. See what we mean? Absolute nightmare!

Maintenance will become a full-time job

No one embraces the idea of washing the car. Sure, it’s a nice pipe dream. But, when the job roles around, it’s a massive pain in the arse. Well, guess what? When you spend a fortune on a car, you can’t afford to leave it dirty. Instead, you’ll have no choice but to wash it every time you spot a speck of dust. Before you know, every free second will be spent keeping your car in perfect condition. And, we can bet that didn’t feature in those fantasies.

You’ll be less inclined to hit the road

If things get bad, you may find you opt to catch the bus instead of driving. After all, you’ve just spent hours washing the car, and you don’t want to get it dirty again. Besides, it’s not worth the risk of hitting another vehicle. Before you know it, the most expensive purchase of your life does nothing more than sit in the garage and waste your time. Again, this is not dream material.

So, next time you imagine owning a car which costs more than a million, come back to this list and remember why your old banger is best any day of the week.  



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