Forget Driving, Here’s How To Be A Safe Pedestrian

When we talk about staying safe on the roads, more often than not we’re talking about what drivers can do to ensure that they’re driving responsibly. While this is definitely important when you are driving, it’s not the only thing that matters. Because as a pedestrian, it’s definitely essential for you to take care of your own safety too. If you know that you’re always smart on the road as a driver, then you should definitely make sure that you’re doing the same as a pedestrian too. A lot of the time, it’s just too easy to assume that you’re safe, when you might not be. So, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re taking the right precautions and staying safe when you’re walking too.

Stick To The Sidewalk

We’re going to kick off with a simple one, but you’d be surprised by how easily people forget to do this. The sidewalks are there for a reason. If you find yourself walking in the roads, then you’re just not being smart. If you want to make sure that you’re doing what you can to keep safe, then sticking to the designated sidewalks is a basic essential. Even if you’re just trying to step around a build-up of people and you enter onto the road, be careful. Try to avoid this where you can as stepping out at the wrong minute can be fatal.

Look Both Ways

Do you remember the lessons you were taught as a child? You know that you have to think before you walk. You know that you have to listen out for traffic and look for it to. And to do that, you have to look both ways. Yet, as adults, we tend to forget all that and just dark out into the road. When you’re busy or in a rush, you may just cross the road or run because you’re late. But this can be incredibly dangerous and cause an injury or accident too. Especially if you’re wearing headphones.

Stand Out

From here, you should also look to make sure that you’re standing out. When the visibility is bad or its dark, it’s handy to have some glowing or blinking gear so that you can be seen. This will help you to stay safe when road users may not otherwise be able to see you.

Be Careful

Above all else, you just have to be smart. Don’t push or dart around. You may find yourself fall into the road otherwise. As long as you’re being careful, you should find that you’ll be able to stay safe.

Help Others

Finally, you might also want to ensure that you’re doing your bit to help others too. If you can see that seniors need to cross the road and they’re a little fragile, do what you can to help them and discourage accidents. This is not only a great way to be a safe pedestrian, but a good citizen too.


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