Why You’re Spending So Much On Car Maintenance

Do you find yourself spending way more than you’d like to spend on car maintenance? Cars are a huge expense, there’s no denying that – but do you really want to be spending money on repairs and fixes every time you get paid? Probably not. Don’t consider this level of car maintenance normal. If you’re spending more on maintenance than ever before on your car, there could be a good reason for it. Read on to figure out why you could be spending so much on car maintenance.


You’re Not Driving Sensibly

When we’ve had our driving license for a while, it’s pretty normal to fall in to bad habits. This doesn’t mean actually breaking the law and looking at your phone while running a red light. It just means becoming a little more complacent, making sharp breaks, and doing things that can really take a toll on your car.

You don’t have to drive like an OAP, but you should be mindful of how sensibly you’re actually driving. Have you fallen into bad habits? Be honest with yourself. Start treating your car how you did when you first got it and you might save money instantly.

You’re Buying Brand New Car Parts

If you take a lot of pride in your vehicle, you probably buy your car parts brand new. You might think ‘nothing but the best for my car!’ – maybe you don’t even have a say in it and you just let your garage do whatever they please. It’s no secret that brand new car parts are way more expensive than breakeryard used car parts, even though the latter can be just as good as new car parts. The only difference is you’ll save quite a bit of money whenever it’s time to repair your car

You’re Not Maintaining Your Car Yourself

You can’t just leave it to the garage to maintain your car for you. You need to take the time to maintain your car yourself if you’re going to keep it running smoothly and save some cash in the process. You don’t have to DIY your repairs, but you need to pay close attention. Is your tyre pressure correct? If not, you’ll be spending so much more than you need to on fuel, as well as causing wear and tear. Do you have enough water and oil in your car? Are you keeping it clean? All of these things can contribute to how much money you spend on your car when you take it to the garage.

You Need To Find A New Garage

It’s a sad fact that not all garage’s are created equally. If you’re spending more than you think you should be on car maintenance, it might actually be because the garage you go to isn’t being honest with you. It could be a good idea to get a quote from a few different garages before deciding which one to go to.

Does this shed a little light on why your car might be costing you so much money?

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