4 Reasons Traffic Sucks

If you were given a choice between having your car or getting all your money back, you’d take the car. The costs can be frustrating, and are nearly always higher than you’d expect, but to give up all the convenience and freedom that goes with having your own set of wheels? Nah, we’ll take the car thanks. There’s one aspect of having a car that we’d give up, however, and that’s traffic. It’s bad for everyone concerned, including the drivers, the pedestrians, and people who live nearby. There are plans in motion to reduce the amount of traffic on the streets, but for now, let’s rejoice in talking bad about it. Below, you’ll find four main reasons traffic is so annoying.


It’s Terrible For Air Quality

Most people are wise enough not to spark up a cigarette. They care about their lungs and overall health, and rightly so. Alas, saying no smoking doesn’t mean your lungs are in perfect shape, or at least it doesn’t if you spend a lot of time around traffic. One study said that the people who live close to busy streets inhale a level of fumes that is equivalent to inhaling ten cigarettes passively. Next time it’s a clear blue sky day, breath deep. If it’s not an enjoyable experience, it’s because of all those car fumes around you.

It Causes More Accidents

You might think that moving at a creeping pace would cause fewer accidents. After all, how much damage can you do when you’re sat still? But any car accident lawyer will tell you that this is not the case. Accidents are more likely to happen when you’re in traffic because you’re always stopping and starting. On motorways, people change lanes when they say a gap – even if it won’t get them anywhere faster – and don’t see that a car behind was thinking the same thing. If everyone just patiently waited in traffic than things might be OK, but alas, they don’t.

Not Great for Pedestrians

You have to feel sorry for pedestrians, of which we are all occasionally. They’re just trying to enjoy a nice walk, and they have to contend with a sea of machines, and to make things worse, this unpleasant view is all because everyone wants to drive in their own vehicle. It would be much better if we all shared our vehicles and put three or four people in every car. The traffic problems that make the streets so annoying would be gone overnight.

Fueling Anger

But by far the worst thing about traffic is the road rage it induces. It turns out that people don’t have all that much patience, and if you don’t believe us, just watch traffic at a standstill for a while. It won’t be long before you see people cursing the other cars all about them. One day, whenever we figure out the roads, driving will be but a pleasant breeze, Until that time, though, we’re going to be stuck bumper to bumper!


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