The Future of Motorsports


The UK is considered to be one of the premier places for motorsports, and just like fans from all over the world, British fans are watching closely as the various motorsports evolve.

Formula 1

Formula 1 is probably the most high profile motorsport of all. However, questions are being asked about its future. With so many countries banning petrol and diesel cars in just a few years, will Formula 1 be able to continue?

At the present time, there are changes made every year to make the cars more efficient, and at the moment efforts are being made to ensure that the skill of the driver is more important than the quality of the car. It is said that drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, among many others, will be great drivers no matter how the cars are changed.

Electric Cars

There is already a Formula 1 E in existence, and many people think this will eventually overtake standard Formula 1 racing. This may well happen as the fans become more aware of the implications of continuing to use petrol cars, the fan base will move, and then Formula 1 as we know it today might not be a viable proposition. As more carmakers and more skilled drivers join Formula 1 E, you have to wonder if one will just turn into the other somewhere along the way.


McLaren has announced the launch of the World’s Fastest Gamer, where gamers will compete on a motorsport simulator to see if any of them are good enough to join the McLaren Team. This might sound very brave of McLaren, but it actually makes a lot of sense. It is a way of trying out driving skills without risking damage to any cars or people.

Esports And Fans

Technology has altered the ways fans can interact with the drivers of all motorsports, not just F1. Rally drivers are very popular with fans, and all drivers, no matter which motorsport they race in, need the connection with fans if they are to stay at the top of their game.

A recent survey showed that almost half of motorsports fans are also interested in eSports, particularly the driving ones. Virtual reality driving games have also leapt higher up the rankings of the most sought-after eSports games.

It is only a small step for the software that is used to train drivers to turn it into a game; Formula 1 has launched their own official eSports League, which has been in existence for a few years. Players from across the globe take part in this league and it is growing bigger every season.

The tournaments played as part of the league have meant there is more for the F1 fans to be involved with, and that in encouraging the fan base to stay loyal to the actual Formula 1 races and drivers.

Motorsports across the world will continue to change because of new technology that affects it. It seems the future will be much more diverse than it is currently, but there will be a future for motorsports none the less.


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